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UK digital economy bill announced by Queen

The Queen has opened the second session of the UK parliament, revealing that the Tory government plans to legislate on the digital economy, which will include measures to give every British household access to high-speed broadband, reports Ars Technica. It was also confirmed that the development of autonomous and electric cars will be propped up by a new law. "The long-rumoured digital economy bill will include not only a universal service obligation of 10 Mbps broadband, but also online age verification, and a range of consumer protection measures against network outages and marketing guff from ISPs and other web players." "Measures will be brought forward to create the right for every household to access high speed-broadband," the Queen told MPs and peers. She added: "Legislation will be introduced to improve Britain's competitiveness and make the United Kingdom a world leader in the digital economy." Also announced by the Queen: "My government will continue with legislation to modernise the law of governing the use of oversight of investigatory powers by law enforcement, security, and intelligence agencies. Legislation will strengthen the capability and accountability of the police service in England and Wales." The investigatory powers bill is currently going through parliament. Read More  Meanwhile the UK government is planning to let mobile operators build infrastructure on private land, which could lead to lower mobile costs for consumers, notes Computer Weekly. "The government wants to rework the 32-year-old Electronic Communications Code. This enables telecoms firms to build infrastructure on public land, or stake claims on private sites, to deliver network coverage across the UK." Read More

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