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Ireland’s Eir hits back at universal obligation

Ireland’s former state operator, Eir, has brought a legal challenge against a decision by regulator ComReg which it says “significantly constrains its ability to freely conduct its business affairs” and its ability to compete with other communication services providers, reports the Irish Examiner. The decision requires Eir to provide a universal service obligation for the provision of access at a fixed location (AFL) for the whole of Ireland. “It means Eir is required to meet all reasonable requests for access to electronic communication services at fixed locations. It also requires Eir to meet mandatory achievement targets in regards quality of service, fault repair time, and connection time.” Eir says in order to meet what it says are “burdensome and expensive” quality of service requirements, it is required to invest significant amounts in its legacy copper electronic communications network which it says is becoming obsolete. Read more

  • Thursday, 03 November 2016

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