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Mobile concerns and more in the Czech Republic

Czech political parties have agreed to fast-track a new telecoms bill before elections in October that could reduce mobile phone bills for consumers, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka has said, as reported by Reuters. “Operators including O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone, have been criticised by politicians who say Czechs pay some of the highest mobile and data prices in Europe. Sobotka sacked his industry minister in February because he saw him as too passive on the issue.” The bill will give more powers to the regulator, CTU, which would be able to impose heavier fines on operators, and strengthens consumer rights to protect them from unfair contracts. Meanwhile Czech competition watchdog, UOHS, has said it would start an investigation into the national market for mobile telecoms services to see if there is any illegal coordinated action among network operators. “The goal will be to find out whether there exists any reason for the competition regulator to take action in these markets,” it said in a statement. “This will concern investigating indications whether ... there has been banned coordination by competitors, or abuse of a dominant position,” it said. The competition regulator's move came as a surprise after it had earlier said it had no reason to act. Meanwhile, CTU has decided, after a public consultation, on the regulation of the 1900-2200 MHz band. The reason for the amendment is the implementation of the European Commission's decision 2016/339/EU on harmonising the 2010-2025 MHz band for portable or mobile devices for wireless audiovisual transmissions and wireless cameras used for news programmes and organising mass events. CTU's Council also took note at its latest meeting of comments from a workshop on net neutrality rules and update of CTU's position paper on the matter. The document is a guide for resolution of issues related to practices such as zero rating, blocking of certain type of content, parameters of data services and other aspects of network neutrality. Read more and here.  More here

  • Friday, 17 March 2017

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