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Zero-rating ban in the Netherlands comes under fire

Strict net neutrality rules recently adopted by the Netherlands are jeopardising the development of the digital single market (DSM), the mobile body, the GSMA, has warned. As Total Telecom reports, amendments to the Telecommunications Act that ban zero rating – where usage of a certain service or category of services does not count against a customer's data allowance – have been passed by the Dutch Senate. “This runs counter to BEREC's guidelines for implementing the European Union's net neutrality law, which calls for national regulators to consider zero-rated pricing practices on a case-by-case basis.” “The Dutch Net Neutrality law goes far beyond the intent of the EU regulation,” said Afke Schaart, the GSMA's vice president for Europe. “We therefore call on the European Commission to ensure the harmonised implementation of Europe's open internet rules.” Meanwhile T-Mobile Netherlands has launched a zero-rated tariff called Music Freedom, which gives customers unmetered access to music streaming services, and the company has said “it is prepared to challenge the legislation in court, insisting that Music Freedom conforms with BEREC's guidelines, and that the policy in the Netherlands is in conflict with European law”. Read more

  • Thursday, 03 November 2016

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