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Abandon legislative silos in Europe, report says

Europe needs to abandon its separate legislative silos for the internet, audiovisual media and electronic communications and replace them with one regulatory framework for all digital infrastructures and another one for all digital services, to ensure a level-playing field in the digital value chain, says a report from the Centre on Regulation in Europe (CERRE). This is one of the “provocative” recommendations of the study on the reform of EU laws in the digital sector, entitled ‘An integrated regulatory framework for digital networks and services’. Other recommendations include: streamlining digital networks regulation to stimulate deployment and private investment; enhancing spectrum policy coordination to ensure, among other goals, that Europe leads in 5G rollout and mobile broadband; creating an appropriate framework for digital services by emphasising home-country control and limiting specific regulation by relying on general EU rules, eg. internal market law, competition law, privacy and data protection law, copyright rules and security rules; refraining from additional rules for online platforms at this stage; and overcoming national regulatory barriers through a more effective and efficient institutional design for the EU digital ecosystem. See In another report, CERRE says the new EU general data protection regulation (GDPR), though a step in the right direction, will not be enough to address the reality gap that exists in EU privacy and data protection law. See

  • Monday, 21 March 2016

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