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Net neutrality complaint in Canada

Canada’s largest wireless provider, Rogers, has filed a complaint with the regulator, CRTC, siding with the Public Interest Advocacy Centre’s concern that Videotron’s newly-launched Unlimited Music service is in violation of Canada’s net neutrality rules, reports MobileSyrup. Rogers’ senior vice president of regulatory and corporate, David Watt, appealed to the CRTC on a number of levels regarding what it believes are blatant contraventions of Canada’s net neutrality rules, noting that Videotron’s practices will make it harder for companies like Rogers to compete. He notes that “by acting as a gatekeeper and selecting which audio services receive special zero-rated data usage treatment on its wireless network, Videotron has conferred upon consumers of these services, as well as upon the five audio streaming services that make up Unlimited Music, an undue and unreasonable preference.”

  • Wednesday, 21 October 2015

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