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New Zealand aims for utility style framework

New Zealand's communications minister, Amy Adams, has announced a series of high-level policy decisions on the future regulation of the telecoms sector. From 2020, the government will move to a framework for regulating copper and fibre services that is similar to the one used for utilities like electricity lines. The main changes will be moving to a utility-style model (with 'building blocks' pricing) for regulating wholesale services on the copper and UFB (ultrafast broadband) networks, considering ways to better support competition in the mobile market, and retaining the current unbundling requirements to promote innovation on the UFB network from 2020. But the minister has ruled out any changes to the regulation of broadcasting infrastructure. "Consumers have access to an ever increasing selection of entertainment content online and through traditional television. Digital convergence means the broadcasting sector is facing more competition than ever at both the retail and network level, so doesn't warrant any regulatory intervention at this stage," says Adams. Read More

  • Monday, 25 April 2016

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