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Public sector broadcasting reviewed in the UK

Ofcom, the UK's converged regulator, has published a third review on public sector TV, "Public service broadcasting in the internet age". The review finds that public service broadcasters continue to make a significant contribution to UK broadcasting. Close to eight in ten viewers (79%) believe PSB is delivering on its purposes – such as trustworthy news and high quality programmes that reflect the UK – a notable increase from 69% in 2008.
Over half of all TV viewing is to the main PSB channels. PSB is supported by certain benefits such as access to valuable digital TV spectrum, prominence on electronic programme guides and, in the BBC's case, the licence fee. "Policymakers will need to consider whether the benefits designed to enable PSB will remain effective in the internet age... the review identified some immediate concerns: news consumption and the provision of news for young people; drama that reflects and portrays British society back to a British audience; content tailored to the specific needs of the UK nations and their regions; religious programmes; children's programmes; and investment in music and arts." 

  • Wednesday, 22 July 2015

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