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Arcep goes forward with crowdsourcing data for regulation in France

France’s regulator, Arcep, says it is taking another step towards crowdsourcing to reflect users’ experience as accurately as possible, as part of a data-centric approach to regulation. It says it has decided to bring changes to its scoreboards on network and service coverage and quality, to provide users with more reliable and more representative measurements of fixed internet access and telephone services. To this end, it intends to make use of new digital tools that will enable any user to obtain a reliable, objective and reproducible measurement of how their individual access is performing. Crowdsourcing instruments will also allow Arcep to obtain a wealth of collaboratively produced information, which will help in identifying any market failures. The objective over time: to reflect the user experience as accurately as possible, as part of a data-centric approach to regulation. “The aim of making information transparent is to allow citizen-consumers to steer the market”. To be able to commit fully to this new approach, an adjustment must be made to the current regulatory framework, and Arcep has launched a public consultation on a draft decision, amending the framework decision of 2013 on measuring and publishing fixed service QoS indicators. In particular, provisions regarding the quality of fixed internet access and telephone services, which have become superfluous, will be removed starting in the second half of 2017. More here

  • Monday, 12 December 2016

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