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Cayman Islands launches converged regulator

The new Utility Regulation and Competition Office, known as OfReg, is up and running in the Cayman Islands, reports the Cayman News Service. “The Ministry of Planning, Lands and Agriculture announced that the doors are open at the new overarching regulator, which is designed to protect consumers and promote competition. People can now raise concerns or file complaints with the new regulator about any aspect of the telecoms, electricity and fuel sectors. In the near future the water regulator will also be merged into OfReg.” Former politician and speaker of the House, Linford Pierson, is the chairman of the new regulatory board, while Jamaican utility regulator expert, J. Paul Morgan, has joined the new office as the CEO. Staff from the former Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA), Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) and the Petroleum Inspectorate are now working together at the former ICTA offices. Read more and here

  • Tuesday, 21 February 2017

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