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Iran sets out new plan for telecoms

The obligations of Iran’s ministry of communications and information technology have been set out as part of a five-year economic, social and cultural development plan (2016-2021), reports the Financial Tribune, an Iranian economic newspaper. “According to new legislation, one of the most important tasks of the ministry is to increase bandwidth up to 30 terabytes per second by March 2021, the closing year of the national plan.” Digitising school services and developing government e-services are other obligations of the ministry “as the government moves ahead with the huge task of expanding online services in the country of 80 million people”. The ministry is also required to attract private sector collaboration and foreign investment to help develop telecoms infrastructure and also boost related aerospace projects. Another duty of the ministry is to undertake structural reforms at the Telecommunications Infrastructure Company of Iran (TIC) which is the exclusive provider of bandwidth to local internet companies. The firm will be divided into three companies whose performance will be supervised and coordinated by a planned national telecoms company. The three state-run firms will manage international data transit, R&D, and infrastructure development. The law stipulates that the three will operate independently of each other. Read more

  • Tuesday, 24 January 2017

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