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Taiwan’s regulator proposes SMP rule changes

Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) has proposed regulations that would enhance its power to determine what entities would become “significant market powers” (SMPs), while allowing carriers to use frequencies more flexibly, the Taipei Times reports. “A draft telecommunications service management act was introduced at the commission’s final weekly meeting for the year, along with a draft digital communications act. The commission said that both proposals are designed to meet challenges brought by the global trend of digital convergence.” The former is to replace the Telecommunications Act and the other is intended to address issues to related to internet use, it said. SMPs in the market would not necessarily be SMPs under the new regulations – the commission said that market parameters would be determined by several factors, including the maturity of its services and technologies, geographical regions it covers, and issues of supply and demand. According to the proposed rules, service operators would be able to build telecom networks with frequencies they own and lease them to other service providers, provided such a move was approved by the commission. Meanwhile the draft digital communication act “serves as an official government declaration that actions conducted over the internet are not free of regulations”, and the nation has laws to deal with copy infringement, the protection of children’s and young people’s rights and other issues associated with the internet. Meanwhile the NCC is also preparing a draft of a media monopolisation prevention and diversity preservation bill, saying that it would not relax restrictions on the funding of media outlets by the government, political parties or the military without consulting public opinion. Read more and here.

  • Tuesday, 24 January 2017

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