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Thomas M Dailey

Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Verizon International

Thomas M Dailey

Thomas M Dailey is Verizon’s chief international legal and regulatory officer responsible for legal, regulatory and policy guidance and strategic-level advice regarding the corporation’s international business operation, outside the United States, including those in the European Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region.  His responsibilities include the management of a team of legal and regulatory professionals based on five continents around the globe who advise on a wide variety of matters including commercial contracts, regulatory, public policy, marketing and business strategy, corporate, tax, privacy, product development, employment and security.  

Mr Dailey previously served as Verizon’s Chief Strategy Counsel providing legal guidance on matters affecting the future direction of the corporation in numerous areas including video, cloud, healthcare and IoT/M2M. Mr Dailey has held numerous other positions in Verizon, including Head of International Public Policy, Lead Counsel to the former telecom marketing organisation, General Counsel of Verizon’s consumer and small business internet businesses, and State General Counsel for Verizon’s Vermont telephone company.  

From 2011-2014 Mr Dailey served as the Chair of the Centre for Copyright Information, an organisation formed as part of a collaborative effort between US content creators in the movie and music industries and leading ISPs to help educate the public about legal content options and deter copyright infringement. He has also served several terms as Chair of the US Internet Service Provider Association (USISPA), an industry organisation based in Washington, D.C. comprised of major US internet service providers and network companies. Mr Dailey has testified multiple times before the US Congress and various state legislatures and is a speaker on internet, communications and other policy issues in the US and EU.

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