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Ethical Standards in artificial intelligence

Ethical Standards in artificial intelligence

For Europe to lead in AI it must lead in ethical standards. It is a pre-requisite that we create an environment of trust by design.

At Telenor, we are strongly committed to AI research. Machine Learning, and specifically Deep Learning, are at the cutting edge of this work, with profound implications in domains like health, ocean space and energy that are important to Norway, but also to the wider world. By bringing together key AI applications, such as robots and autonomous systems, with the right approach to investment and a wide talent pool, we think Europe can develop world-class research in AI.

To enable this, we talk about the pillars of European AI strategy including better access to data, critical competencies and innovative ecosystems. But perhaps most critical of all is creating the necessary ethical standards. In recent weeks we have seen concerns over the inappropriate use of personal data turn into alarm, in the process causing shockwaves in tech companies and financial markets as well as governments. If we are to find good solutions for accessing and sharing data across Europe, then it is a pre-requisite that we create an environment of trust “by design”. For us, this means developing transparent, explainable and certified algorithmic systems that can be trusted by all citizens.

If we can get this right, then Europe can create the ethical standards that will be an example for the rest of the world to follow and pave the way for world-leading AI companies to grow and thrive.

Dr Martinkenaite will be speaking at the IIC’s forthcoming TMF Meeting in Brussels where the theme will be ‘Defining a moving target and keeping pace with the ubiquity of AI’


Dr Ieva Martinkenaite Dr Ieva Martinkenaite
Vice President of Telenor Research, Head of Telenor-NTNU AI-Lab / Start IoT


  • Friday, 06 April 2018

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