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Europe’s audit of cybersecurity incidents

The European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA), the cybersecurity body, has issued a report on the root causes of incidents and an aggregated level at which services and network assets are impacted. Incidents are reported on an annual basis by telecom regulators under Article 13a of the Framework Directive (2009/140/EC) to ENISA and the European Commission. In 2015, 138 major incidents were reported, from 21 EU countries and two EFTA members while nine countries reported no significant incidents. Most incidents involve mobile telephony, and the most frequent causes for incidents are system failures but human errors affected on average more user connections per incident. The number of incidents caused by malicious actions dropped to 2.5% from 9.6% in 2014. “This may indicate that the malicious actions are not necessarily aiming at causing unavailability of services, but might have other objectives. Nevertheless, these types of incidents (eg. DDoS) had the most impact in terms of duration, accounting on average almost two days per incident.” Data has also started to be collected on TV networks, SMS/MMS, email, IPTV and VOIP services. Read more

  • Thursday, 03 November 2016

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