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Award for Australia’s competition authority, plus broadband monitoring

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has been given an award by the World Bank and International Competition Network (ICN) for its role in elevating competition policy to the national economic agenda. The ACCC won the award for its advocacy work in promoting pro-competition measures when governments are privatising public assets. It has been advocating that when privatising infrastructure assets, governments should not restrict future competition to these assets, and that infrastructure monopolies need appropriate up-front regulation. “We have been saying that to be successful, privatisations should seek to maximise competition and ensure adequate regulatory safeguards are in place,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims said. “Without this the sale of public assets could lead to higher prices or reduced services for businesses, and ultimately, consumers.” The ACCC was awarded the top prize in the category, ‘Levelling the playing field through competitive neutrality or by elevating competition policy to the economic policy agenda’. The ICN is a global network of competition agencies that share knowledge and expertise across four key pillars: mergers, cartels, misuse of market power and competition advocacy. The prize will be awarded at an ICN meeting in Portugal in May this year. In another announcement, the ACCC has welcomed government funding of a broadband performance monitoring programme to provide Australian consumers with accurate and independent information about broadband speeds. The programme will use hardware-based devices to perform remote testing of around 4,000 households to determine typical speeds on fixed-line national broadband network services at various times throughout the day, and will be monitored by the ACCC. Award: see here. Broadband here.

  • Thursday, 20 April 2017

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