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Cambodian government takes on ‘fake news’

Cambodian government takes on ‘fake news’

The Cambodian government will monitor all news and social networking sites with immediate effect, “to prevent the spread of information that can cause social chaos and threaten national security”, reports the Phnom Penh Post. “In a prakas (a regulation adopted by a minister) signed by the ministers of information, interior, and post and telecommunication, it was noted that officials from the three ministries will form a working group to investigate any online media platforms that spread fake news before taking appropriate action under the kingdom’s laws.” “The prakas’s purpose is to prevent …. the spreading of information – whether in the form of text, voice, picture, video or other forms of communication – that would cause chaos and threaten national security, harm relations with other countries, the national economy, public order, and discriminate against the cultural integrity of the country,” the government said. The regulation, which consists of 10 notices, determines the role each ministry will play in its implementation. For instance, the ministry of information will monitor viral content on websites and other social media platforms and act against those considered in breach of the law. Also in Cambodia, and noted by the Phnom Penh Post, telecoms companies are sending text messages urging the public to vote 29 July elections, at the behest of the government. “This comes despite a denial from an official with the telecoms regulator, which claims the National Election Committee (NEC) only requested telecoms companies to disseminate news on its activities.”  Read more and here

  • Monday, 25 June 2018

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