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Cybersecurity needs global regulation – Telefónica

To promote better cybersecurity, regulations should be brought in line across the globe and apply to everyone. That is the view of Pedro Pablo Perez, Telefónica’s VP of global security, speaking on a panel at a recent Latin American meeting. Pablo Perez said that in some regions, including Latin America, regulations for security were very complex for local operators. Those rules, he added, should be applied equally.” Telefónica has invested heavily in security as part of being a digital telco," he said. “Within Latin America we are a little bit away from what happens in Europe. We have some regulations and guidelines around critical infrastructure, but each country has different regulations. In Brazil we have some local regulations which are quite complex for local operators. So we should take some measures that assure the minimum of security but the same rules should apply equally. Regional regulation for cybersecurity doesn’t work. The same rules should apply to everyone, globally.” See more here

  • Thursday, 20 April 2017

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