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Europe and India discuss common regulatory themes

The European regulators’ body, BEREC, organises an international mission to a country outside the EU each year, to get insights regarding the country’s electronic communications and digital markets and to promote bilateral relations. This year, a delegation visited India and met with TRAI, India’s regulator. Net neutrality, IT and the digital ecosystem were among the topics, and BEREC chair Sebastien Soriano said that European regulators have followed with ‘great interest’ TRAI’s move to ban Free Basics. He also expressed BEREC’s interest in the Indian industry’s dynamism, notably the impact of Reliance Jio on the market, the cost-sharing model through tower companies, and the digital enabler Aadhaar. There was also discussion on a common understanding of net neutrality. “India is the most important democracy in the world; Europe is the second one. So, as net neutrality is a democratic issue, it’s really important that the most important democracies stick together to see if we are considering this the same way,” said Soriano. A BEREC report on implementation of the net neutrality rules in the EU is to be issued this year and a tool kit for quality of service measurements is underway. Read more

  • Thursday, 20 April 2017

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