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FCC sets out cybersecurity imperative

The US FCC has issued a white paper on cybersecurity risk reduction. It describes the risk reduction portfolio of the current Commission and suggests actions that would continue “to affirmatively reduce cyber risk in a manner that incentivises competition, protects consumers, and reduces significant national security risks”. In the introduction, the FCC says its staff “actively work with stakeholders to address cyber challenges presented by today's end-to-end internet environment... This environment is vastly different and more challenging than the legacy telecoms security environment that preceded it. Today insecure devices, connected through wireless networks, have shut down service to millions of customers by attacking critical control utilities neither licensed nor directly regulated by the Commission. These attacks highlight that security vulnerabilities inherent in devices attached to networks now can have large-scale impacts. As the end-to-end internet user experience continues to expand and diversify, the Commission's ability to reduce cyber risk for individuals and businesses will continue to be taxed. But shifting this risk oversight responsibility to a non-regulatory body would not be good policy. It would be resource intensive and ultimately drive dramatic federal costs and still most certainly fail to address the risk for over 30,000 communications service providers and their vendor base.” See more

  • Monday, 23 January 2017

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