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Norway’s regulator aims for domestic operation of telecoms for security

Norway should impose regulation ensuring that owners of mobile telephone networks are able to fully operate installations domestically, without relying on staff or technical systems located abroad, the country's telecoms regulator, Nkom,* has said, according to Reuters. “Such autonomy in electronic communications is key to helping authorities protect national security during emergencies, it added in a proposal to the Ministry of Transport and Communications. If the necessary resources to ensure key communication services cannot be brought under national legislation and control in case of an emergency or war, it could have very serious consequences for the ability to govern,” it wrote. The requirement could take two years to implement and would be imposed on existing 4G mobile phone systems and the data networks they rely on, as well as for subsequent technologies such as 5G. Norway currently has two nationwide 4G networks operated by state-controlled Telenor and Swedish firm Telia, while Ice.Net is developing a third. “Chief executive Eivind Helgaker at Ice told Reuters the company was building its network in accordance with the expected regulation. Telenor said on Twitter it was already meeting all demands, while Telia told financial daily Dagens Naeringsliv it was prepared to move some technical systems to Norway.” Read more

* The director general of the Norwegian Communications Authority, Torstein Olsen, has resigned from his position as Nkom's chief executive but will continue as a specialist director. He was appointed as the DG of the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority, as Nkom was called then, in 2011, having been head of the service markets department and has held senior positions in the authority for 20 years. A new DG has not yet been appointed.

  • Monday, 22 May 2017

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