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TMT Sector News from Australia

Australian Cyber Security Centre 2016 cyber security survey

The Australian government has released this comprehensive cyber security survey, published by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), of Australian government and major businesses of national significance. Key findings from the survey include the need for senior executives and boards to be considering cyber security risks more regularly and not just when an incident has occurred, improving our understanding of the factors that can increase cyber security risk and more. See more

TPG plans to establish a 4th mobile phone network in Australia

TPG has acquired $1.26 billion in 700Mhz spectrum with plans to roll out a $1.9bn mobile network covering 80% of the Australian population. Read more

The ACMA’s approach to spectrum reform

Speech by Richard Bean, Acting Chairman, ACMA, CommsDay Summit 2017, Westin Hotel, Sydney, Tuesday 11 April 2017. Read more

Outcome of the review of access to telecommunications data

The Australian Government has tabled a report in Parliament of the review into access to telecommunications data in civil proceedings. The report concluded that there is insufficient evidence to allow civil litigants to access data retained solely for the data retention scheme. Read more

Spectrum 700MHz auction results

The government announced that all spectrum on offer in the unallocated 700 MHz spectrum band was sold in a competitive auction for a total of $1.55 billion. The Australian Communication and Media Authority held the auction on behalf of the government and the licences will commence on 1 April 2018 and expire on 31 December 2029. Read more

  • Monday, 24 April 2017

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