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UK ISPs back new rules for internet platforms

UK ISPs back new rules for internet platforms

Three major internet service providers in the UK have said they would back a regulator to oversee rules for web giants – but warned lawmakers not to forget smaller firms or the bigger picture, reports the Register. “In evidence to the House of Lords Communications Committee, gathered as part of its ongoing inquiry into internet regulation, policy execs from Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media broadly agreed that there was a need for regulation. However, the group said it was possible to bring in new rules without ripping up existing ones, and called on the government to consider the disparities between big and small companies and take a holistic approach that went beyond technical intervention.” “The regulatory system as it is today has been outgrown by the development of the sector,” said Iain Wood, director of corporate affairs and regulation at TalkTalk. He said that, despite having been a “vocal proponent” of self-regulation in the past, it was now clear this approach had limitations, including that while some companies had “embraced their responsibilities”, others had hidden behind collective industry effort. Adam Kinsley, policy director at Sky, went further, saying that in some situations he “would not even call it self-regulation”. Pointing to a study carried out for Sky by consultancy Communications Chambers, he said that if social media firms made decisions on content there wasn’t any oversight, which effectively amounted to private regulation. Read more

  • Monday, 23 July 2018

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