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Venezuelan activists take to transport to give the news

Riding public transport armed with a wobbly TV-shaped cardboard frame and loud voices, a group of young Venezuelan activists have found a novel way to transmit news, in a country where space has shrunk for stories about hardship and protests, finds Reuters. “Traditional media have become more cautious in covering Venezuela's political crisis, and half the population have limited or no access to the internet. So in early May, Claudia Lizardo, a 29-year-old creative director, decided to spread the word about what was happening in her country in a very direct manner. Realising that other passengers on the buses she travels on were ill-informed about subjects she considers important, Lizardo and four friends began boarding the vehicles and reading news bulletins, their faces framed by a mockup of a TV screen.” Despite participating in protests against President Nicolas Maduro's government, Lizardo’s team says the goal of the project, dubbed BusTV, is to produce fact-based newscasts to reach people tired of the high-pitched biases in other media. Members of the team must not wear political slogans on their clothes, respond to comments from their audience, or attribute blame to either side for the violence that has so far killed 68 people in the protests since April. More here

  • Tuesday, 20 June 2017

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