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European Commission announces digital industry strategy

The European Commission has presented a set of measures to support and link up national initiatives for the digitisation of industry and related services across all sectors and to boost investment through strategic partnerships and networks. The Commission also proposes measures to speed up the development of common standards in priority areas, such as 5G and cybersecurity, and to modernise public services. As part of the plans, the Commission will set up a European cloud that, as a first objective, will give Europe's 1.7 million researchers and 70 million science and technology professionals a virtual environment manage research data. Says the Commission: "Several EU member states have already launched strategies to support the digitisation of industry. But a comprehensive approach at European level is needed to avoid fragmented markets and to reap the benefits of digital evolutions such as the internet of things." Other initiatives include: investing €500 million in a pan-EU network of digital innovation hubs where businesses can obtain advice and test digital innovations; setting up large-scale pilot projects to IoT, advanced manufacturing and technologies in smart cities and homes, connected cars or mobile health services; and adopting future-proof legislation that will support the free flow of data and clarify ownership of data generated by sensors and smart devices. The Commission will also review rules on safety and liability of autonomous systems. Read More

  • Monday, 25 April 2016

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