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France’s Digital Republic Act now in force

On 7 October, the French Digital Republic Act (Loi n°2016-1321 pour une République numérique) came into force following a process which began in December 2015 to amend the laws regulating various aspects of the digital economy in France, notes law firm Fieldfisher. The law introduces new provisions that will regulate the digital economy as a whole (such as open data, online cooperative economy, revenge porn and access to the internet). “For privacy professionals, this law is important as it introduces several key amendments under the French Data Protection Act of 1978 and other laws, prior to the EU GDPR’s entry into force in 2018.” By far, the most significant amendment to the Data Protection Act concerns the French Data Protection Authority's (CNIL) powers to impose administrative fines. Previously limited to 150,000 euro under the amended Data Protection Act, the CNIL will now be able to impose fines up to 3 million euro. Other parts of the act concern a new right to data portability, specific obligations for online platform providers, enhanced secrecy of correspondence, and enhanced rights for individuals on uses that are made of their personal data. Read more

  • Thursday, 03 November 2016

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