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Rules for connected cars in Europe are coming

The European Commission wants car companies to make sure new models have a slew of digital technologies that can cut fuel use and be safer on roads, as part of an EU strategy on internet-connected vehicles, report EurActiv. “By 2019, cars should come with digital systems that warn drivers about traffic, road work, weather and approaching emergency vehicles. Soon after that, the Commission wants new car models to have high-tech parking information and systems to help protect pedestrians and cyclists.” Some cars already do have those safety and fuel-saving functions, and even entertainment systems that rely on the internet, “but the EU executive is putting pressure on manufacturers to include those in every model – not just high-end vehicles that are unaffordable for most drivers”. Car costs will likely rise drastically because of the new technologies, but will level off by 2023, according to Commission estimates. The total annual cost of new technologies built into cars could reach an estimated €1.25 billion by 2030. But the executive predicts that drivers will save on fuel. “Commission officials said there could also be a new EU law within the next two years that would require manufacturers to take steps that would make cars more digitally equipped. The EU executive’s transport policy unit is analysing whether it should introduce specific rules guaranteeing data protection and internet connectivity for cars by 2018.” Read more

  • Monday, 12 December 2016

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