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European interest groups continue to lobby the Commission on new code

ETNO, the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association, and others including GSMA Europe, have issued a joint statement on “saving Europe’s 5G ambition”, urging lawmakers to put 5G at the heart of telecoms reforms. “The ambitions set out in the European Commission’s 5G Action Plan and Gigabit Society Communication – which are built on pro-investment and pro-innovation foundations – can only be met if the future European Electronic Communications Code and e-privacy regulation create the right conditions for the broad uptake of innovative services and business models,” they say. “Unfortunately, discussions seem to have lost their focus on the importance of 5G as one of the key technologies that will underpin the ecosystem and the competitiveness of newly connected sectors of the European economy.” 5G is much more than a telecoms matter, as studies estimate it can enable up to 5% of GDP growth across the world economy and across all industries, the statement adds. They repeat points on telecoms reform made in last year’s “Manifesto for timely deployment of 5G in Europe”, saying: “Currently, the outlook for innovators appears quite grim. There is little focus on easing regulatory burdens; on the contrary, there are plans to further increase rules and complexity. This extends to both the Electronic Communications Code and to the new e-privacy regulation.” ETNO has also issued a statement with UNI Europa ICTS, a trade union body, again emphasising concerns about investment (and effects on employment). They call for spectrum harmonisation and auction design that “should not be used to maximise public budgets, but to increase the economic benefits of spectrum use”. Read 5G statement and ETNO/UNI

  • Tuesday, 20 June 2017

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