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FCC announces incentive auction bid prices

The FCC has released a list of final opening bid prices for broadcasters for next year's incentive auction of 600 MHz spectrum, and said the top opening bid price in the reverse part of the auction, where broadcasters will sell spectrum to the FCC, will be for a station in the New York City metropolitan area at $900 million, reports Fierce Wireless. “The commission also released its opening bid prices for the forward auction, in which wireless carriers will bid on the spectrum broadcasters give up, with the top opening bid price also for New York City at $135 million.” The prices for smaller markets are lower, with major urban markets commanding the highest opening bid prices. FCC chairman Tom Wheeler said in a statement: "For all practical purposes, we've fired the starting gun: the release of final opening bid prices – combined with the detailed application procedures and other data – provides broadcasters with all of the information they need to decide whether to apply to participate in the auction.” FCC:

  • Wednesday, 21 October 2015

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