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Portugal enforces mobile coverage conditions

In a decision of 7 April 2016, Portuguese telecoms regulator Anacom rejected full-service operator Nos's appeal against the watchdog's previous decision of 10 March 2016, which effectively brought into force the full gamut of 4G service coverage obligations for all holders of 800 MHz mobile licences auctioned in December 2011, reports TeleGeography. "The regulator said in a statement that it saw no reason to suspend its decision, and that to do so would be against the public interest. In the March decision, Anacom officially notified the 800 MHz concession holders – MEO, Vodafone and Nos – that a period of restrictions on commercial mobile operations in the digital dividend 4G frequency range had ended, thereby bringing into force the full network coverage stipulations under the licensing conditions." Consequently, within six months from the date of notification the operators must cover 50% of a specified list of underserved municipalities and within one year they must cover 100% of the areas in question. Read More

  • Monday, 25 April 2016

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