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Singapore proposes spectrum for new entrants

Singapore's telecoms regulator (IDA) has proposed setting aside 60 MHz out of a total of 225 MHz of new spectrum at a lower reserve price in a separate auction to be open only to new entrants, reports Mobile World Live. "The structure of the next spectrum auction is intended to attract a newcomer to the Singapore mobile market, which currently has three mobile network operators. The 60 MHz allocation will include 2 x 10 MHz in the 700 MHz band, 2 x 10 MHz in the 900 MHz band and 20 MHz in the 2.3 GHz band. Understanding the huge capex required to launch a network, the IDA aims to lower the barrier to entry by setting the reserve price at SDG40 million ($29.5 million) for the entire block." It said that to qualify a potential bidder can't have rolled out a nationwide mobile network and can't be an associate of an incumbent. 

  • Wednesday, 22 July 2015

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