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Slovakia cuts fees to boost investment in ‘white spots’

Slovak regulator, RU, is decreasing by 75% the fee for using radio frequencies in municipalities designated as white spots within its broadband programme, notes Telecompaper. “An operator which decides to cover such a municipality will save on costs associated with operation of a transmitter. RU awards frequency licences to support broadband internet access and at the same time sets development criteria, which aims to bring broadband to less developed regions.” RU motivates operators to increase the coverage also by lowering the fees for usage of frequencies. With effect from 15 February, on establishment of an access point (a base station in frequency bands above 1 GHz up to 11 GHz) in a white spot municipality, operators will pay only 25% of the standard total fee. “Already in 2012 the regulator started to motivate operators to build networks with reductions in spectrum fees of on average 60%. Besides, the regulator has supported construction of point-to-multipoint connections above 1 GHz up to 11 GHz in low populated areas. The lower the number of inhabitants of a municipality, the lower the frequency fee.” Read more

  • Wednesday, 22 February 2017

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