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27th October 2020

IIC UK Chapter Webinar: What will the future hold for content regulation in the UK, and globally?

Virtual Event, Chapter event

Tuesday 27 October, 2020 
1330 BST / 0830 EDT / 2130 SGT
Duration 1.5 hours

The next few months will see three major changes in the UK framework for content regulation: the revised AVMS Directive will extend regulation to video sharing platforms, Brexit will require changes to the ‘Country of Origin’ principle that applies to traditional broadcasting, and the UK government is expected to implement its proposals for the regulation of online harms.

These are complex issues, partially because of the wide range of issues that are in play, and partially because of the need to address legitimate concerns without threatening freedom of expression. There is also a strong international dimension to this debate, given the global nature of modern media businesses. In this workshop we therefore intend to contrast the approach being taken in the UK with that being taken in other countries with similar democratic traditions. Is there scope for these countries to find common ground?

More information coming soon.


Susan Ness Distinguished Fellow, German Marshall Fund-US and Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania

Susan Ness is a former Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission and the founder of Susan Ness Strategies, a communications policy consulting firm. Ms Ness is a distinguished fellow at both the German Marshall Fund, where she works on transatlantic digital policy issues, and at the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania (APPC), where she convenes a transatlantic high level working group to address hate speech, violent extremism and viral deception online while protecting freedom of expression and a vibrant, global internet.

Previously, Ms Ness was a senior fellow at the SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations (Johns Hopkins University). Ms Ness served on the US Federal Communications Commission from 1994 to 2001, playing a leading role on spectrum policy, competition and new technologies. She taught international and domestic communications policy at the Annenberg School for Communication (U.PA) after completing her FCC service. She was founder and CEO of GreenStone Media, which produced talk radio programming for women.

Ms Ness currently serves on the board of TEGNA Inc (NYSE-TGNA) a broadcast and multi-platform media company, and on the board of Vital Voices Global Partnership, an NGO that invests in women’s leadership worldwide.


Steohen Unger IIC UK Chapter Head
Stephen Unger (Dr) Senior Advisor, Flint Global, UK; Director, International Institute of Communications

Dr Stephen Unger was until recently a Board member of Ofcom, the UK regulator responsible for digital communications. He had various responsibilities, including setting regulatory strategy for the UK, representing the UK internationally, and leading Ofcom’s technology programme. For a period he was Acting Chief Executive.

Before becoming a regulator Dr Unger spent several years in the private sector. He worked for a variety of high-tech start-ups who were developing and exploiting new wireless technologies.

Dr Unger’s current focus, working both as a consultant and as an academic researcher, is on the practical implications of disruptive technology change.

He has served as a non-executive Board member for several organisations. Some have been responsible for promoting international collaboration on public policy (BEREC, the IIC), others the commercial application of technology (The Geospatial Commission, Cambridge Wireless, Assia Inc).

For more background see Dr Unger can be contacted at

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27th October 2020
Online meeting
Innovation and Content, Governance

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