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8th October 2019

Workshop (Invitation Only): Bridging the Atlantic-priorities for International Policy Collaboration and Coordination


An invitation-only, private dialogue between regulators and top level industry members of the IIC, held under the Chatham House Rule

Jeremy GodfreyChairBEREC 2019CommissionerCommission for Communications Regulation (ComReg), Ireland
Ajit PaiChairmanFederal Communications Commission (FCC), USA
Dr Stephen UngerSenior AdvisorFlint GlobalDirectorInternational Institute of Communications

Part A
  • Many aspects of the digital sector have become globalized. Transnational digital platforms serve users and businesses in multiple markets. Services and networks connect users across national boundaries. Data flows internationally. Global capital markets fund network investment. Equipment providers collaborate on global standards development and compete in global markets. Innovative start-ups plan on serving a global customer base within months.
  • Policymakers and regulators have many issues to address including protection from online harms, personal data privacy, promotion of competition in digital markets, and cyber security, and enabling continued innovation.
  • We often adopt different approaches in different regions, and that can be beneficial. Different contexts can require different solutions. Furthermore, the process of experimentation gives us all the opportunity to find out what works, and what doesn’t.
  • But often there are benefits associated with a transnational approach. Ultimately, we have more in common than divides us. What are the priority areas where a transnational approach would be most valuable? What would be the best forums for taking things forward?
Part B:
  • 5G is viewed by many as the biggest innovation platform ever, but it isn’t clear how the “permission-less innovation” of the internet will be realised. How can a small IoT start-up easily obtain global 5G network slices without needing commercial deals with operators all over the world?
  • 5G also highlights other critical issues including cybersecurity, privacy and platform policy which need to be addressed. It has the potential to usher in a new realm of industrial/ public service opportunities and concerns. Even for those who regard 5G as more evolutionary, these issues have enduring importance.
  • Now that commercial launches of 5G are underway we have the opportunity to compare the different strategies being adopted internationally, and consider what the success factors for investment are.
  • What transnational policy changes might be required to enable meaningful and sustainable digital transformation enabled by 5G?

Bridging the Atlantic Report on Workshop CPRW 2019

This report captures the discussions amongst IIC Partner Members and Regulators that took place as part of the CPRW event in London in October 2019. The aim of the meeting was to identify ways in which the international policy community could increase and improve collaboration.

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Event details
8th October 2019
London, UK
Europe, UK
Skinners' Hall,
8½ Dowgate Hill,

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