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8th October 2017

Small Nations Regulators’ Forum 2017

Communications Policy & Regulation Week, Small Nations Regulators Forum

Internet Connectivity and Net Neutrality in Island Nations

Hosted by OfReg

Regulators from Island Nations have to contend with particular issues within their communications sectors and what is striking is the commonality of the challenges faced, regardless of geography.

This meeting was a unique opportunity for regulators from Island Nations to come together to share perspectives and insights and engage in meaningful exchanges under the Chatham House Rule on these subjects, so relevant to the decisions you must make for the development of both industry and your societies.

It took as its focal point policy making for internet connectivity in Island Nations with an emphasis on net neutrality and competition in small vs large jurisdictions. With his highly relevant background in both European and Caribbean Island Nations, we were honoured to have Philip Micallef, Former Chief Executive of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda and former Executive Chairman of Malta Communications Authority, address these issues, with plenty of time for further moderated discussion.

Small Nations Regulators’ Forum 2017 Summary Report

Regulators from Island Nations have to contend with particular issues within their communications sectors and what is striking is the commonality of the challenges faced, regardless of geography.

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Alee Fa’amoe Independent Consultant; Former Deputy CEO & Executive Director, OfReg, Cayman Islands

Alee Fa’amoe is an independent consultant.  He was the Deputy CEO and Executive Director ICT for OfReg, the newly formed (January 2017) converged utilities regulator overseeing ICT, fuels, electricity, and water industries in the Cayman Islands until August 2020.

Mr Fa’amoe has a broad background in technology, operations, and management and has spent 20 years in the telecommunications industry, working as an industry expert on telephone numbering and network operations. He spent several years at Deloitte Cayman as Chief Operating Officer where he was responsible for HR, marketing, IT, operations, and finance departments. He also served as a subject matter expert on client consulting engagements, and worked with Deloitte offices in several Caribbean locations with operational matters.

Mr Fa’amoe was previously appointed Managing Director of the Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA) in 2013, which has since become part of OfReg.

Grant Forsyth Partner, Plum Consulting London LLP

Grant Forsyth is a Partner at Plum, having spent over 20 years leading corporate in-house teams addressing telecommunications policy and regulatory challenges. Prior to joining Plum he focused on strategy, policy and regulation of communications and the Internet as part of the Strategic Planning Group in Sky UK.

In his early years, Mr Forsyth provided key input to the development of the first-ever regulatory regime for New Zealand, and subsequently led several precedent-setting disputes that exercised that regime. With a proven understanding of the legal, economic and policy principles underlying regulation, along with strong commercial experience, he was invited to join BT Global Services in London and rose to lead their regulatory team responsible for securing economic access in over 170 countries.

In his current role Mr Forsyth has led projects across the world on: functional separation, market reviews, universal broadband connectivity, universal service, and the competition assessment of the convergence of content and access arising from a proposed merger. Several of these projects were conducted in small economies or “micro-states” which present their own special challenges.

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8th October 2017
Belgium, Brussels

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