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Mark Lichtenhein

Chairman, Sports Rights Owners Coalition (SROC)

Mark Lichtenhein

Mark Lichtenhein is the Chairman of the Sports Rights Owners Coalition (SROC), representing the collective interests of some 50 international and national sports bodies around their Intellectual Property Rights. SROC seeks proper recognition of the value of sport from Governments across the world, and effective protection for their rights under law.
Mr Lichtenhein has worked in the sports and sports technology industry for some 25 years, from technology startups in California to the administration of European sports bodies. Working primarily in men and women’s golf, he has served both as Chief Executive of golf’s Ladies European Tour (LET) and as Managing Director of the European Tour’s television production and distribution company, European Tour Productions (ETP).
A software engineer by education, Mr Lichtenhein previously held a number of positions in the European software industry with Siemens and the Cap Gemini Group before becoming the first Director of Business Development for the industry-led European Software Institute in Bilbao, Spain, co-funded by the European Commission.

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