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Wednesday 10 october 2018


Tuesday 9 October
Opening Drinks Reception


Welcome & Opening Address

08:00 Registration

09:00 Welcome Address: WATCH VIDEO
      Chris Chapman, President, International Institute of Communications
      Gabriel Contreras Saldivar, President, IFT - Federal Institute of Telecommunications, Mexico


09:20 Keynotes:
    Ajit Pai, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), USA - WATCH VIDEO
    Carlos Sánchez, Chief Technology Officer, AT&T Mexico

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10:00 SESSION 1: What are the priorities and medium-term objectives of new and existing administrations in the region with respect to the converging communications ecosystem?


Pablo Bello, Executive Director, ASIET (Asociación Interamericana de Empresas de Telecomunicaciones)

Alberto Jácome Espinosa, Vice Minister of Information and Communication Technologies, Ministry of Telecommunications and the Information Society of Ecuador
Dr Héctor Huici, ICT Secretary, Secretary of Modernisation, National Presidency, Argentina
Hannia Vega, President, Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (SUTEL), Costa Rica
Edgar Olvera Jiménez, Undersecretary of Communications, Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT)


11:15 Refreshments


11:45 session 2: Delivering connectivity: building certainty and incentives to promote investment and innovation

Dr Gabriel Székely, Managing Director, ANATEL - National Telecommunications Association, Mexico

Thomas M Dailey, Vice President and General Counsel - International and Chief Corporate Strategy Counsel, Verizon International - WATCH VIDEO

Clara Luz Álvarez, Professor and Researcher, Universidad Panamericana - WATCH VIDEO
Jeffrey A Campbell, Vice President, The Americas, Global Government Affairs, Cisco Systems
Gabriel Solomon, Head of Government & Industry Relations, Europe and Latin America, Ericsson - WATCH VIDEO
Enrique Medina Malo, Chief Policy Officer, Telefónica


13:15 Lunch


14:15 session 3: Creating robust data economies: policy, strategy, trade and role of regulation to help drive the “internet of consumption” to become the “internet of production”

Antonio García Zaballos, Telecommunications Lead Specialist – Leader of the Broadband Program, Institutions for Development (IFD), Connectivity Markets and Finance (CMF), Inter-American Development Bank

Keynote speakers:
Michael Punke, Vice President, Global Public Policy, Amazon Web Services
Salma Leticia Jalife Villalón, International Affairs Coordinator, Corporación Universitaria para el Desarrollo de Internet, A.C. (CUDI); and as of December 2018, Vice Minister of ICT for the new Mexican administration - WATCH VIDEO

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Pablo Francisco Muñoz Díaz, General Director of Legal Affairs, National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection (INAI), Mexico - WATCH VIDEO
Roberto Martínez Yllescas, Head, OECD Mexico Centre - WATCH VIDEO

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Claudio del Conde, CEO and Founder, Kichink - WATCH VIDEO

15:45 Refreshments


16:00 Choice of three Interactive Breakout Sessions:

BREAKOUT A1: Aligning regional / international spectrum to fuel new innovation opportunities: what comes next?

Sebastian Cabello, Head of Latin America, GSMA

Chris Woolford, Director of International & Spectrum Policy, Ofcom UK
Allan Ruiz Madrigal, Executive Secretary, COMTELCA
Dr Martha Suárez, General Director, Agencia Nacional del Espectro (ANE), Colombia - pending final confirmation
Daniel Andres Bernal Salazar, Assistant Chief Regulatory Officer, América Móvil
Jose Luis Ayala, Head of Government and Industry Relations Latin America, Ericsson


BREAKOUT B1: Regulatory simplification / streamlining and responses to convergence - WATCH VIDEO

Gita Sorensen, Managing Director, GOS Consulting Limited

Juan Manuel Wilches, Commissioner, Commission for Communications Regulation, Colombia
Dr Rainer Schnepfleitner, Head, Regulation Affairs and Competition, Communications Regulatory Authority of Qatar (CRA)
Alison Nemeth Steger, Media Legal Advisor to the Chairman, Federal Communications Commission, USA


BREAKOUT C1: Privacy and data protection – balancing citizen, consumer and business agendas

Rosa Barcelo, Partner and Deputy Co-Chair, Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice Group, Squire Patton Boggs

Luis Fernando Garcia Muñoz, Executive Director, Red en Defensa de los Derechos Digitales (R3D), Mexico
Rodrigo de la Parra, Managing Director LAC Regional Office, ICANN
Lina Ornelas, Head of Public Policy & Government Affairs, Mexico, Google


17:45 End of day one

20:00 Gala Dinner (pre-booking required)

THURSDAY 11 october 2018


07:45 Registration

07:45 BREAKFAST BRIEFING: Innovative infrastructure alliances and financing strategies to strengthen the development of telecom, ICT and digital networks for the benefit of all. Learning from the latest case studies in Latin America

Enrique Iglesias Rodríguez, Telecommunications Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank

Luis Eliecer Cadenas Marin, Executive Director, RedCLARA -

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Claudio Bermúdez Aquart, General Manager, Central American Telecommunications Network (REDCA) - WATCH VIDEO

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Fernando Borjón Figueroa, Director General, Telecommunications Investment Promotion Agency (Promtel) - WATCH VIDEO

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09:00  Close of Breakfast Briefing and start of day 2 Annual Conference


09:10 Welcome remarks

09:15 Winner of the IIC's Future Leaders Competition 2018: The Sociology of Technology
    Tim Hogg
, Consultant, Oxera Consulting LLP, UK - WATCH VIDEO

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09:30 session 4: Digital content in a highly competitive, OTT world: creating a virtuous cycle of network access, content consumption, media pluralism and rich, local, content/application creation

Dr Derek Wilding, Co-Director, Centre for Media Transition, University of Technology, Sydney; President, IIC Australia Chapter

Monica Desai, Director Global Connectivity Policy, Facebook - WATCH VIDEO
Cordel Green, Executive Director, Broadcasting Commission Jamaica - WATCH VIDEO

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Salomón E Padilla Duarte, Vice President, Association of Independent Telecommunications of Mexico (ATIM) - WATCH VIDEO

11:00 Refreshments

11:20 Keynote:
Mónica Aspe Bernal, Mexico's Ambassador to the OECD & Chair of the OECD Development Centre - WATCH VIDEO

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11:40 session 5: Ensuring access and inclusion: bridging the digital and gender divides to bring more people online in rural and underserved communities

Dr María Elena Estavillo Flores, Commissioner, IFT - Federal Institute of Telecommunications, Mexico; Co-founder, Conectadas

Daniel Andres Bernal Salazar, Assistant Chief Chief Regulatory Officer, América Móvil
Néstor Navarro, Director, Investment Fund for Telecommunications and Information Technologies (FITT), Honduras - WATCH VIDEO

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María Cristina Cárdenas Peralta, General Coordinator @PRENDE.MX, Ministry of Public Education, Mexico - WATCH VIDEO
Ernesto Estrada González, Principal, SAI Consultants


13:15 Lunch


BREAKOUT A2: Tackling piracy and copyright protection - internet culture versus copyright

Giuseppina Curreli, International External and Regulatory Affairs, Caribbean, Central & Latin America, AT&T

Irely Aquique Pineda, Director of IP Enforcement, Mexican Institute for Industrial Property (IMPI) - WATCH VIDEO

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Ana María Magaña Rodríguez, Managing Director, Motion Picture Association Mexico - WATCH VIDEO

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José María Rodríguez Ovejero, Associate Director Telecommunications Practice, Frontier Economics - WATCH VIDEO


BREAKOUT B2: Disaster recovery and critical national infrastructure protection

Mindel De La Torre, Chief Regulatory and International Strategy Officer, Omnispace LLC

Gonzalo de Dios, Associate General Counsel, Intelsat US LLC
Cristian Aguilar, Vice Minister of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing, Guatemala


BREAKOUT C2: Game changing technologies - striking the right balance between regulating to provide adequate protection for consumers and businesses, whilst not stifling innovation

- Artificial Intelligence and algorithmic regulation
- Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Adriana Labardini Inzunza, ICT Lawyer, Public Interest Issues, Regulation & Competition Specialist, Mexico

Nick Morris, Director, Regulatory Finance, KPMG Economics
Cecilia Hurtado Valdez, University of Guadalajara, Mexico
Rebeca Servin Lewis, Director of Legal, Corporate and Philanthropy Affairs, Microsoft Mexico

15:30 Breakout sessions finish




15:35 session 6: closing keynote panel
Competition dynamics and market concentration: how to quantify? How to address? Balancing ex ante / ex post interventions

Dr Elisa V Mariscal, Managing Director, Global Economics Group; Adjunct Professor of Economics and Law, CIDE, Mexico

Marie Iasoni, Head of Regulatory Affairs (MeCA, Andean) and Legal, BT - WATCH VIDEO
Dr Abel M. Hibert Sánchez, Telecommunications and Economics Advisor to Elected President of Mexico - WATCH VIDEO
Lindsey Fussell, Consumer Group Director, Ofcom, UK - WATCH VIDEO

16:50 Closing remarks and looking forward to 2019 - the IIC's 50th Anniversary

17:00 End of conference


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