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SNRF Workshop: How can the retention of domestic revenue be improved in a converged environment?

snrf 2018 360Invitation-only meeting for Island nation regulators
Hosted by
Broadcasting commission jamaica

7 October 2018
Sheraton Maria Isabel Reforma

The Small Nations Regulators’ Forum (SNRF) Workshop was an exclusive meeting for regulators from small nations and/or small economies. This was a unique opportunity to share perspectives and insights on the particular issues faced, and engage in meaningful exchanges under the Chatham House Rule on these subjects.

The guest speaker was Grant Forsyth of Plum Consulting, and the meeting was be chaired by Professor Anthony Clayton of the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica.

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16:30 Registration and coffee

16:45 Welcome and Report from Broadcasting Commission Jamaica, as the Outgoing Chair
Followed by discussion

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17:00 Presentation by Grant Forsyth, Partner, Plum Consulting London LLP
Followed by discussion

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17:30 Hand-over to Incoming Chair, The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

17:45 Next Steps and AOB

18:00 Close of Meeting

Anthony Clayton (Prof)

Anthony Clayton (Prof)

Chairman, Broadcasting Commission Jamaica (SNRF)

Grant Forsyth

Grant Forsyth

Partner, Plum Consulting London LLP

In 2019 the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority will take over the role of Chair-organisation of the Forum.


The inaugural meeting of the Forum, chaired by OfReg, was held in Brussels in October 2017 during the Communications and Policy Week to address the challenges facing small nations, with an emphasis on issues of connectivity. 
Subsequent to this meeting, the current Chair-organisation of the Forum, the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica, launched an online discussion paper regarding social media and their effects. 

Both the report and the discussion paper are available to members of the Forum. If you have not yet joined, you can register to become a member This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. (There is no charge.)

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