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Key Discussion Themes

Digital ecosystem

In the digital ecosystem, what market is the Communications Regulator regulating?

  • What is the purpose of national regulation in a borderless digital ecosystem?
  • What’s in the regulatory sandbox?
  • Horizontal regulation and cooperation – the only paradigm left?

Connectivity and sustainability

Connectivity and sustainability: closing the digital exclusion gap

  • The role of 5G
  • Building infrastructure in a time of economic austerity
  • The reality of ubiquitous coverage
  • Financial incentives
  • Empowering disadvantaged groups

Ownership and exchange of information

Ownership and exchange of information: competition policy for a new era

  • Do the tenets of competition policy still hold?
  • Is the digital ecosystem creating new monopolies?
  • Does metadata processing offer a competitive advantage?
  • Whither antitrust policy-making?

Regulation of OTT and apps

Regulation of OTT and apps: the need for a global solution?

  • Content regulation: what mechanisms are available to the regulator?
  • Commoditising the value chain: who benefits and who loses out?
  • Does public service broadcasting still have a role? Who should fund it?

Consumer protection

consumer protection

  • Pricing
  • Content and information
  • Importance of transparency
  • Privacy and security

Net neutrality

Net neutrality, zero rating: a more level playing field?

  • Net neutrality: for or against competition?
  • ISPs vs devices – the same or different?
  • Benefits to content producers?

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