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Across the Metaverse: Policy priorities

just like the Internet, the metaverse once again poses a great dilemma to regulators, as the combination of cutting-edge technologies in one unique space called the ‘’metaverse’’ will raise new legal challenges. Currently, three conventional paths are available: to regulate metaverse just like the Internet, regulate it with the current offline legislation with no substantial changes or regulate only a fragment of it. However, the uniqueness of this new medium is not duly considered in none of the above proposals that insist on trying to regulate metaverse in a tech-neutral way. Considering the specific characteristics of the metaverse, this essay takes a radical approach and calls for a construction of a new regulatory meta-framework that consists of metaverse-specific legislation, a ‘transuniverse interchange’ of social norms and laws between the real-world and the metaverse and a co-regulated model between one independent body and third-parties acting as regulatory surrogates, leading the way towards smart regulation.


Top 10 entry of the IIC Future Leaders' Competition 2022

Future Leaders Competition 2022 - Winner and Top 10 entries
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