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IIC Press Release – IRF 2020: Regulators look to the post-Covid era

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IRF 2020 press release

IIC Press release: Regulators look to the post-Covid era

Communications policymakers debate the urgent need for greater connectivity

‘You’ve responded better than you ever possibly thought’. Chris Chapman, president of the International Institute of Communications, opened the annual International Regulators Forum (IRF), by drawing attention to the ability of regulatory bodies to implement rapid changes in the face of Covid-19. But he went on to point out that the broad successes achieved should serve to focus attention on the larger questions raised by the pandemic: that regulatory bodies around the world mostly lacked the frameworks, powers, legislative support and resource competencies necessary to address the acceleration of digitisation now under way, especially for more remote and rural communities.

The forum heard how, in the post-Covid era, public services in areas such as healthcare and education could be transformed through digitisation but that existing mechanisms for delivering connectivity, such as market and community models, would not be adequate. New initiatives included cross-jurisdictional partnerships, realistic spectrum pricing for 5G deployment and tax incentives to drive infrastructure development, but more action was needed from governments as well as international and regional organisations.

‘During this crisis, the importance of inclusive access to the internet for a range of vital issues such as health, education and the economy have never been clearer… never have we had a better opportunity to show the decision makers the value of good access.’

Dan Sjöblom, Director General, Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS), Sweden, and BEREC Chair for 2020

In other debates, the forum discussed the of traditional and digital media, protecting the consumer against misinformation and establishing an emergency alert system based on experiences during the pandemic. Regulators heard how, in Mexico, an emergency system provided a basic mobile and fixed service for a minimal or zero fee, a ‘coronavirus helpline’, systems that alerted engineers to any breakdown in service, and assistance to deliver basic education using traditional media.

The forum consisted of over 200 registered senior regulators  from 58 countries representing bodies in Australasia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, The America’s, Caribbean and Europe, and was hosted by the Canadian regulator, the CRTC.

9 October 2020


The International Regulators’ Forum (IRF)  is an annual event run by the IIC to bring together the world’s leading communications regulators. This year, for the first time, it was an exclusively online event hosted with the Canadian Radio-Television and Communications Commission. The IRF in 2021 will be hosted by the German Communications regulator, BNetzA.

For more information please contact Chris Chapman at or Lynn Robinson at

IRF 2020 Press Release: Regulators look to the post-Covid era as communications policymakers debate the urgent need for greater connectivity

IRF, Press release
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