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By Cristina Murroni

The IIC’s Miami Telecommunications and Media Forum (TMF) has a special focus on the Americas and Caribbean, and this year was no exception, with Nievia Ramsundar (Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago) kicking off the first panel on competition and investment. He held that keeping consumers happy is the main goal of regulation, as consumer take up ultimately feeds all the layers of the market. Lindsey Fussell (Ofcom, UK) focused on cost containing measures to spur adoption of ultra-fast broadband, which in the UK is taken up by only 3% of households. Adolfo Cuevas Teja (commissioner at Mexico’s regulator, IFT) highlighted the importance of creating a truly independent regulator, and setting realistic objectives based on data and observation to attract investment. Mexico has seen rewards for this strategy: 4G coverage has jumped from 25% to 80% in a few years, with better speeds than the US.


The IIC’s second TMF of the year took place as usual in Miami, focusing on Latin America. Connectivity and disaster recovery were themes.

Intermedia Issue:
Volume 46, Issue 02
Issue Date:
July 2018
Cristina Murroni Cristina Murroni Telecoms and Media Analyst

Volume 46, Issue 02 Features

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