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Q&A with Wilhelm Eschweiler

Vice president of Germany’s BNetzA

Q&A with Wilhelm Eschweiler

Q: what is BNETZA and what do you do?

A: BNetzA is short for Bundesnetzagentur. It is Germany's federal network agency for electricity, gas, telecoms, post and railways. I am one of two vice presidents and am responsible for telecoms and rail, and we are based in Bonn.

Q: what is your background?

A: I started a civil service career in the ministry for post and telecoms in the minister's office, and also earlier studied law before working for a long spell in the ministry for economic affairs and energy on international telecoms and postal policy. Then for seven years from 2007 until 2014 I was head of the unit for European ICT policy at the ministry and I was closely involved in the negotiations that led to the 2009 framework for electronic communications, which among other things established BEREC, the European communication regulators body, and which I will be chair of next year. During my time in the economics ministry I was always connected to the regulatory issues of BNetzA and was then invited to take up my current vice president's post.

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