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The non-monolithic Internet

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By Christopher Yoo

In recent years, policy debates have exhibited a tendency to talk about the Internet as if it were a single, unified phenomenon to which everyone must have nondiscriminatory access. I would like to examine this proposition critically and explore the policy implications that might follow if it turned out not to be true. Exploring the ways that the Internet has already deviated from this “single Internet” vision in the past and is likely to continue to do so in the future may provide insight into how best to shape Internet policy.

Intermedia Issue:
Vol 41, Issue 2
Issue Date:
September 2013

Vol 41, Issue 2 Features

Competing visions of next generation broadband: insights from Australia’s NBN 16.12.2019
Media and telecommunications after independence 31.05.2013 Ewan Sutherland
Opening and linking data 31.05.2013 Ewan Sutherland
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