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By George Houpis

In December 2020 the European Commission (EC) published its long-awaited Digital Markets Act (DMA)1 which will complement the existing competition regime with an ex ante regulatory regime applying to digital platforms that are “gatekeepers”. Gatekeepers are characterised as large platforms that serve as an important gateway for business users to reach end users and enjoy an entrenched and durable position in their operations.2 The EC came to the view, after fining Google more than EUR 8bn for three breaches of competition law3, that the current competition regime is not sufficient to deter anticompetitive behaviours by gatekeepers.

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George Houpis compares and contrasts the European Commission’s telecoms regulatory framework with the proposed Digital Markets Act

Intermedia Issue:
Vol 49 Issue 2
Issue Date:
June 2021
George Houpis (Dr) George Houpis (Dr) Director, Frontier Economics

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