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Chris Chapman, President IICThe multiple variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 are the most sobering reminder of the power of adaptation. Variants of concern were already challenging the effectiveness of public health and social measures as new variants of interest were designated. More and more it seems that just keeping up with the game (let alone trying to get ahead of it) demands heightened anticipation as much as mere monitoring and review. Various
forms of creative human endeavour also progress through this “theme and variation” construct. This process of constant evolution characterises innovation in the TMT sector, including around policy and regulation. Just as health experts refine responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, so too do technology, media and communications experts recalibrate by understanding and improving upon what has gone before. In this issue of InterMedia, Rob Nicholls describes the
approach taken to address the much discussed imbalance of bargaining power between digital platforms and news media businesses; George Houpis provides insights from ex ante telecoms regulation for digital gatekeepers; Sam Wood weighs the costs and benefits of intervention in online harms; and Anthony Clayton and Cordel Green consider the implications of artificial intelligence and the increasing need for digital and media literacy. Through the various IIC hosting platforms, discussions coalesce around six key themes of governance; investment; competition; content and innovation; infrastructure and spectrum; and privacy, safety and security. Meanwhile a diversity of interventions around the globe form and reform as part of the ongoing transformation of our digitally enabled economies and societies. The IIC exists to help test and refine ideas as you design
the next iteration.

A note to readers from Chris Chapman, President, IIC

Intermedia Issue:
Vol 49 Issue 2
Issue Date:
June 2021
Chris Chapman Chris Chapman Former President, International Institute of Communications 2016-2024; Chairman, Nihilent Australia Pty Limited

Vol 49 Issue 2 Features

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