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By Camilla Bustani

More than ever before, the communications and media ecosystems are providing us with immense choice. We have at our fingertips a massive and varied universe of media content and a wide range of communications services to choose from.

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Personalisation and targeting of content offerings challenge supply-side efforts to foster diversity and choice online. CAMILLA BUSTANI puts the case for media and digital literacy as a demand-side intervention to promote the democratic space.

Intermedia Issue:
Vol 48 Issue 3
Issue Date:
October 2020
Content: innovation, regulation and markets
Camilla Bustani Camilla Bustani Director, Director, International, Ofcom, UK

Vol 48 Issue 3 Features

Chris Chapman, President IIC
EXPONENTIAL EFFORT 11.11.2020 Chris Chapman
PRIVACY AND PANDEMIC 05.11.2020 Russell Seekins
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