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IIC Future Leaders Network

It is widely agreed that some of the most innovative and exciting ideas come from emerging markets and the next generation of leaders. The IIC gives ambitious individuals a forum in which they can build a network of strategic and influential international relationships.

Membership at this level gives future leaders a chance to share ideas, present at the annual conference and raise their professional profile with an audience they may otherwise not meet.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Complimentary attendance at all Regional Forums
  • Invitation to online meetings
  • Automatic membership of your local chapter
  • Complimentary attendance at IIC Chapter events which take place around the world
  • Access to recordings and reports from events where applicable
  • Membership rate for the Annual Conference
  • Online access to InterMedia – the IIC’s quarterly journal

2022 Future Leaders Competition winner:

  • Tatyana McLean – read Tatyana’s winning entry here

2022 Future Leaders Competition topic:

Entrants were asked to produce an essay, submitted electronically, on the following:

Across the Metaverse: Policy priorities 

Oxford Reference has defined ‘the metaverse’ as virtual representation of reality implemented by means of virtual reality software.

This world of augmented reality and virtual reality brings technologies that could offer new ways of communicating and interacting. But as with digital platforms and artificial intelligence, the emerging ‘metaverse’ challenges policy-makers and regulators to encourage innovation in products and services, while watching for content and conduct that might be harmful to users or other businesses. Will there indeed be a whole new ‘metaverse’ or just an adaptation of current business and social practices?  Are the policy issues limited to the use of digital assets and biometric data, or is there more to consider?

In this essay, we wanted entrants to create a picture of how you see this world evolving and to consider whether steps should be taken now to help shape its future, or whether the sector should be left to develop without direct policy intervention.

Top 10 entries can be viewed here.

2021 Future Leaders Competition winner:

  • Andreea Antuca, Senior Consultant; Oxera – read Andreea’s winning entry here.

2021 Future Leaders Competition topic:

Entrants were asked to produce an essay, submitted electronically, on the following:

What principles should guide policy-makers in designing local and international approaches for internet intermediaries in the evolving communications environment?

Internet intermediaries such as digital platforms have been entitled, under national and regional laws, to protection from liability for content posted by others. This level of protection is being challenged – and defended – around the world as governments consider intersecting policy objectives such as freedom of speech and protection from harms. What principles should guide policy-makers in designing local and international approaches for the evolving communications environment?


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