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Small Nations Regulators Forum

January 2024 – Small Nations Regulators Forum (Online meeting)

  • The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the sixth subject matter item identified by the members which was FTTH – Licensing, benefits, digital divide

October 2023 – Communications Policy & Regulation Week, Cologne – Small Nations Regulators Forum

  • IIC SNRF / DT Economics project: Regulatory effectiveness in small nations
  • Network sharing: best practice tower sharing, mast audits
  • 5G: – Spectrum auctions Vs basic costs, licensing, consumer benefits, digital divide, how to deal with health concerns

August 2023 – Small Nations Regulators Forum (Online meeting)

  • IIC SNRF / DT Economics project overview
  • Satellite services – how do small nations regulate this, how to protect consumers, how might this affect existing operators
  • Discuss agenda for Cologne SNRF meeting (17 October 2023)

May 2023 – Annual LatAm & Caribbean Telecommunications & Media Forum, Miami – Small Nations Regulators Forum

Telecoms Security – to stimulate the debate below are a list of subjects that were discussed:

  • Risks and realities
  • Engagement requirements with governments and operators
  • Legislation and powers required by regulators to ensure appropriate compliance and enforcement
  • Key steps to success

Public Safety communication and next generation emergency services

  • Current challenges and risks
  • Future challenges – satellite, OTT services, FTTH
  • Regulatory responsibilities and powers required to ensure public safety
  • Who and how to communicate with the public

November 2022 – Communications Policy & Regulation Week, Ottawa – Small Nations Regulators Forum

Building a regulatory checklist of ‘must-haves’ to enable and support digital society in smaller nations:

  • Clarity from government on the regulator’s purpose and independence
  • Structure and resource
  • Advisory powers
  • Investigative powers
  • Enforcement and penalisation powers
  • Long term funding arrangements
  • Pragmatic initiatives to address dimensions of convergence

August 2022 – Small Nations Regulators Forum (Online meeting)

Key themes:
• Internet governance
• Cybersecurity and cyber-diplomacy
• E-diplomacy
• Capacity development

Identify next steps for SNRF including:
• Skills needed
• Legislative framework needed
• Regulatory framework needed

May 2022 – Annual LatAm & Caribbean Telecommunications & Media Forum, Miami – Small Nations Regulators Forum

Addressing the challenges of scale and speed for regulators as enablers of digital transformation in smaller countries and economies

April 2021 – Small Nations Regulators Forum Knowledge Café (Online meeting)

This virtual Café gave members of the Small Nations Regulators’ Forum the opportunity to engage with colleagues in a small group setting to share experiences, problem-solve, and plan for next steps.

Discussion included the following topics:

  • Regulating Digital Networks in a converged environment- Imperative? Or Impossible?
  • Rolling Out 5G- what are the implications for:

a) Fibre Connectivity

b) Spectrum coordination and

c) constructing single open access fibre infrastructure?

  • How can Broadcasting Commissions use AI to enable an environment for human progress for Sustainable Development?

2019 London

The Cost of Regulation in a Small Nation

The matters raised previously continue to be an issue for the SNRF and were discussed at the 2019 meeting in London which was supported by Gibraltar Regulatory Authority
Reports and discussion papers are available to members of the Forum.

2018 Mexico City

How Can the Retention of Domestic Revenue Be Improved in a Converged Environment?

The following year, the Broadcasting Commission Jamaica (BCJ) chaired the Forum and hosted the first online meeting which looked at the emerging threats to democracy and social stability in small nation-states, and included a discussion of fake news, political manipulation, and criminal and terrorist use of social media.

2017 Brussels

Internet Connectivity and Net Neutrality in Island Nations

The inaugural meeting of the Small Nations Regulators’ Forum was held in 2017 in Brussels under the chairmanship of OfReg, the multisector regulatory authority of the Cayman Islands. At that meeting the particular challenges facing small nations, especially in terms of connectivity and accessibility were discussed.


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