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US mobile operator merger could increase prices

US mobile operator merger could increase prices

Despite a lengthy process that started way back in the spring of 2018, US mobile operators Sprint and T-Mobile have agreed to extend the deadline for their proposed merger another 2 months until 29 June, reports Gizmodo. “However, even if the FCC ends up approving the deal, after seeing a new study by mobile data analysts Rewheel, it’ll be hard to feel good about living in a country with just three major cellular providers. In Rewheel’s most recent version of its 4G pricing study which covers the first half of 2019, data shows that in countries with three MNOs (mobile network operators), the median price of 1GB of data is 113% higher than a typical country with four MNOs.” The median price for the existing four MNO set-up in the US is already 4.5 euros, which is three times higher than the median for a typical four MNO country, while in Canada, “prices are almost comically bad with the cost of a single gig of data going for 7.3 euros, compared to 2.9 euros for a typical three MNO country”. The only other country in the study with such anomalous data pricing is Japan which, like the US, suffers from data prices 15 times higher than the median prices for a four MNO European country. “But perhaps the most telling metric is the cost of the least expensive data plan with at least 20 GB of data in the US and Canada compared to what’s available in Europe. In Canada, the cheapest plan you can get with 20 GB of data plan costs 67 euros, while in the US that same plan costs about 36 euros. In either case, that’s at least double (or quadruple for Canada) the price of a typical European data plan.” Read more and also see Rewheel.

  • Wednesday, 15 May 2019

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